The Power of Mindfulness

MINDFULNESS It’s so easy to spend our time rushing around; rushing to get ready, rushing to get to work, rushing to get the housework done, rushing to get the food shopping in and so on. It’s also really easy to be lost in our own thoughts, worrying about the future, thinking about the past while trying to draw a new chapter. Then, before we know it, we’ve spiralled into deep negativity, which is associated with stress, anxiety and depression. Yet, it’s so hard to stop rushing and just be present; present with those around us, present with our own selves, present with our own thoughts, present with the sounds of nature right here, right now. However, by being more mindful and taking more not

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"As a treat for our employees, we had the TruFoo team set up in our headquarters, serving a selection of delicious cold pressed juices and smoothies. Our employees loved the juices!"
Sonia. Event Organiser for Onfido. London