Q&A: Our Juicers and Blenders Reviewed.


We often get asked when at festivals or events, all sorts of questions. what juicers and blenders we use? What’s the difference between them? And so on. We therefore, thought we would answer some of these questions here in a summary of how we create your juices and smoothies.

What Juicers & Blenders do you use?

To make your juices we use a combination of Centrifugal juicers (also known as fast juicers) and Slow juicers (also known as masticating juicers or cold-pressed juicers). To make your smoothies we use a Nutri Ninja blender.

What’s the difference?

Slow Juicer - Has a lower wattage and works by slowly crushing and squeezing your fruit & veg to extract the juice. This type of juicer is more efficient at juicing leafy greens, especially spinach and kale.

Centrifugal Juicer – Has a higher wattage with faster spinning blades. Not so good at juicing leafy greens but quicker for extracting juice in larger quantities.

Blender (smoothie maker) - Blends the whole of the fruit and veg so you get the juice and the fibre.

What models do you use?

Centrifugal juicer - We use the Breville juicer, Nutri-juicer range (sold in the UK under the company name Sage ). It comes in three models – the Sage Nutri-juicer pro is probably the best for home and commercial use.

Slow juicer - We use non-branded juicers that were custom made for us (we are looking to import and sale juicers with our logo). However, we can tell you the closest make and model to ours is the Omega or Kuvings (wide feed chute). We haven’t used them personally but according to reviews and our own research they are probably some of the best on the market. They can be a bit pricey for home use so if you want a cheap juicer there are plenty on the market.

Blender – We use the Nutri Ninja 1200w Auto iQ BL492UK

Which juicers do you recommend?

Personal Use - We definitely recommend the slow juicer. It does take a bit longer to extract your juice, but in our humble opinion it tastes nicer and lasts longer in the fridge (up to 4 days). Go for the wide feed chute slow juicer as you will save time chopping.

Commercial Use - If on the other hand you are looking for a juicer for your business a centrifugal juicer or a combination of the two juicers are best. If you are looking to serve a lot of people in short bursts you need to get the juices out fast!

What blenders do you recommend?

Blenders - We have used a number of blenders over the years and the hands down winner for us is the Nutri-Ninja Auto IQ 1200w. It is very well made and importantly for us has commercial functions. It has a large 2 litre jug for making smoothies in larger batches (important for serving large numbers) and smaller cups for individual smoothies. It also has different setting for consistency and automatic blending cycles.


In short depending on where you intend to use the juicers and blenders will determine what ones you need. If you want a juicer for home use we recommend a slow juicer. If on the other hand you run a café or are looking to set up your own juice bar, a centrifugal (fast juicer) or a combination of both is more appropriate. Blenders are good all-rounders to get your fibre intake.


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"As a treat for our employees, we had the TruFoo team set up in our headquarters, serving a selection of delicious cold pressed juices and smoothies. Our employees loved the juices!"
Sonia. Event Organiser for Onfido. London